‘Under Milk Wood’ gets exhibited!

Heather’s ‘Under Milk Wood’ piece, which was featured on the blog late last year, has been in an exhibition hosted by Cass Art. The show called ‘Vision’ was on over the last weekend in Hoxton, East London and Heather’s piece draw quite a bit of attention..! 


Heather now has a separate website for her papercuts – http://www.heathermillsdesign.co.uk

So go have a look.


Bike Accident scene – Turntable

Turntable of Bike Accident scene.

Bike_Model_Pose_In_Scene_01Model in scene





Software used: Maya

Handbuilt Slab Plates




3D VFX Showreel 2015 with Breakdown

The is my current Showreel with Breakdown, which consists of one shot called Bike Accident.

In this shot I have demonstrated:

Animation (front wheel and pedal)
Rendering using Mental Ray

Software used:

3D Equalizer
Maya 2014/2015

Special Thanks to Nicci Gelnar (niccigelnar@gmail.com) for her help doing the compositing and breakdown.

Bike Accident ScreenShot

The Type Taster book!

Finally had the chance to read ‘The Type Taster’ by Sarah Hyndman. Fascinating read looking at how typography is viewed and used in the world.  Definite must have for any typo enthusiast! Check her out on Twitter @typetasting and her blog. 

#typography #font #sarahhyndman #thetypetaster

Filming VFX – in the front room..!

Bit of front room DIY #filming! Massive thank you to Nicci Gelnar, @gelnsy #compositor #filmmaker extraordinaire.

Watch this space… Specifically where the chrome and grey balls are.   #3D #greyball #chromeball #VFX @escapestudios

Course Completed…

Bring on the world or VFX. Thanks to @escapestudios.  I am now a proud 3D  TD VFX artist. Now the fun really starts!


Modelling for Showreel



Whilst developing my showreel here are some shots of the modelling that will go in my reel; the Pioneer SE 305 headphones, a Peugeot road bike from the 70’s, and an dynamics sequence titled ‘Storm in a Teacup’.

Pioneer screenshot2

Pioneer screenshot

Headphone screenshot4

Headphone screenshot3






Papercut Artwork – Dylan Thomas, ‘Under Milk Wood’

A1 handmade papercut artwork, inspired by the opening lines of Dylan Thomas’ ‘Under Milk Wood’.

Heather created this piece over a period of 3 months, her largest piece so far.

Entering the world of VFX with Escape Studios

In a career change, and adding 3D/VFX to my portfolio, I have enrolled at @EscapeStudios for a 18 week intensive course in Advanced 3D.  This has been quite a learning curve, and I can’t quite believe how much I’ve learn in the past 5 weeks.  Feels like months!

Here is a few examples of the projects I have covered in these past weeks:

FootballerPrimitivemanOur first project looked at parenting parts together to make it easier to control groups of objects, like limbs, and position them to create poses – like this chap…Banana Many of the initial tutorials we went through used Nurbs and curves to build objects…AppleIn fact we spent almost the whole first week on it!ChairFrameThen there was a chairHeadphonesHeadphones…MustangPlaneAnd a Mustang plane… didn’t get as far as the propeller.  We had to UV this later, that was fun!Facemodelling2Probably the most interesting project was to model a face from scratch using reference images.  The topography was fascinating, and then discovering the sculpting tool!FacemodellingNext up we start our own project…